Temporary Installations

Freedom Park has been the proud host of a variety of temporary installations since 1997. Below are a few well known examples.

Freedom Park Conservancy welcomes applications for future public installations.If you are interested in displaying a temporary art installation in Freedom Park, please contact the City of Atlanta Parks DepartmentFreedom Park Conservancy, and complete this application for Temporary Art Projects in Freedom Park.

Flux Projects‘ mission is mission is to engage Atlanta’s public spaces with thought-provoking art that changes the way people experience the city and think about our community. In years past, Freedom Park has enjoyed activation of the meadow directly east of Moreland Avenue with large-scale public art pieces .

“SEAT” (2012)
by Yong Ju Lee and Brian W. Brush
Presented by Flux Projects and sponsored by Sunbelt Rentals.

Artist Statement: “Chairs are remarkable pieces of furniture. When you think about the loads they are required to carry in order to support people of all sizes and dimensions, you realize just how strong they actually are. We do not think of chairs as structural components; we just think of them as chairs. Their domestic identity overwhelms almost any other interpretation of their use. SEAT turns that identity inside out, transforming 400 Ikea Ivar chairs into a whimsical composition of structural sculpture.”

See photos and description here: Yong Ju Lee with additional photography here: GM Lupo

Flux Film 013 | Seat from Flux Projects on Vimeo.

“Rise Up Atlanta”
by Charlie Brouwer
April 30 – May 31, 2011
Freedom Park, Atlanta, Georgia

140 ladders lent from the community – individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Heavy duty cable ties, and tags identifying lenders.

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