New Endings

Diane Solomon Kempler
located near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and North Avenue

New Endings by Diane Solomon Kempler
New Endings, Artist: Diane Solomon Kempler

New Endings is a multi-part bronze fountain sculpture commissioned by the city of Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics conceived and executed by internationally known sculptor, Diane Solomon Kempler. Her work deals with transformations and transitions as they exist in nature and human beings. New Endings was first installed in Walton Spring Park on Andrew Young International Boulevard at Spring Street in 1996. When it was suggested that a new sculpture honoring Andrew Young be installed at that location, Ms. Kempler selected a location for New Endings in Freedom Park. In mid July 2008 three large boulders, which were part of the original installation, were moved to their new location in Freedom Park near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and North Avenue.

Freedom Park, Atlanta's Art Park