Journey to Freedom

Lynn Marshall Linnemeier
Located along Freedom Park PATH Trail, under the Ice Canopy

From the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs: “The “Journey to Freedom” public art project Journey to Freedom: Women of the Civil Rights by Lynn Marshall Linnemeier incorporates photographs from Dr. Doris A. Derby, Shelia Turner and Susan Ross, and celebrates the contribution of women to the Civil Rights Movement past and present. The project seeks to honor the mothers, sisters and daughters of the movement by visually bridging the gap between generations and focusing on the continued commitment to social justice. The project uses wall murals and figurative silhouettes to honor both women in Atlanta, Georgia and the greater region of the south through a variety of photographs and symbolic motifs, including quilt styled designs.”

Learn the names of the courageous women profiled in “Journey To Freedom”

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier is an award-winning photo-based mixed media artist. She incorporates photography, painting, writing, and primary source documents from of diaries and letters, to examine and define historical figures whose presence she finds compelling. Born in Pineville, NC, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier earned a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art and an MA in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. She has received numerous awards including fellowships from Lila Wallace/Reader’s Digest-Arts International (New York) that took her to Adelaide, South Australia, and the first Fulton County (Georgia) International Residency in Balgowan, South Africa.

This artwork was commissioned and is maintained by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

Freedom Park