Increased police patrols coming to Atlanta Parks

Last night during our regular monthly meeting of the Freedom Park Conservancy we welcomed Zone Commander Major Keith Meadows and Chief Finley from APD Zone 6 to get an update on the Atlanta Police Department efforts to increase police patrols in city parks, particularly Freedom Park and the Atlanta BeltLine. You may be aware that it was announced in June of 2012 that APD received a $1.8 million grant to hire 15 new officers to  staff the Path Patrol, or as we heard it called tonight, the Park Patrol. The 2012 press release can be seen here. The good news is the force is coming soon. We should expect to see the 15 new officers out and in the parks by June of this year. Ultimately the force is to increase to 20 officers. In addition to the new officers APD will be in the parks on mounted patrol – maybe you have seen the officers on horses in the park or on the new BeltLine Eastside Trail, and they will be receiving an electric vehicle that they can use to patrol paths and parks. All of this is good news for security in and around our parks, and we will be sure to share more information as we get updates from APD.